Member Benefits

CLAIS Member organizations add to, edit, and review the CLAIS Knowledge Graph. With tools we provide, Members can create and put their stamp on their unique perspective on the space, and they can integrate their view with other perspectives on the space. Doing so helps public stakeholders appreciate their safety thought leadership, helps the organization and its stakeholders understand how their approach aligns to other approaches and disciplines, and promotes highlighted research and resources to relevant audiences that would not have otherwise found them. Only members may edit CKG content.

Those CLAIS Member organizations that are also on the CLAIS Board additionally put in work to steer the CLAIS organization and CKGS system architecture.

To inquire about signing up your organization as a Member of CLAIS, please email Note that due to a generous grant, membership does not currently require dues.

In January 2021, the CLAIS Board is finalizing the formation documents of the consortium, including its Bylaws, Membership Agreement, and IP Rights Agreement. These documents will be posted here when finalized. In the meanwhile feel free to initiate discussions on joining as a founding member.

IEEE-ISTO, of which CLAIS is a member consortium as of January 1, 2021, has experience administering a plethora of industry alliances and consortia, and ensures via process controls that consortium activities do not run afoul of anti-trust regulations, that member intellectual property rights are respected, and that rights and responsibilities of all parties are formally delineated.